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Updating Your SAS Driver to read SAS 9 files: Tech Support Note

NOTE: This update is necessary only for users experiencing problems opening SAS 9 databases.

All Salford Systems predictive modeling engines come with a set of database drivers that allow you to read and write a large number of different file formats, including various versions of SAS files. Periodically, some drivers need to be updated to accommodate new file format versions. In this note we discuss SAS 9 files.

If you are running some of our older software you may find that you cannot successfully read SAS 9 files. This older software uses a legacy database conversion system distributed with older versions of the Salford product line.

The process for updating the driver is as follows:

  1. Download the replacement driver from: http://www.salford-systems.com/dist/Support/p7sas7.zip

  2. and unzip it to obtain the file named p7sas7.dll

  3. Use the new p7sas7.dll to replace the existing file of the same name. This file is located in application's >\...\...\dbmscopy\mip7\ directory. The full pathname may vary depending on how the product was installed. It is easily located.

  4. Once updated, this driver will allow you to open SAS 9+ files without a problem.


  • The "File of type:" selected in the Open Data File directory will still remain "SAS for Windows 7/8 (*sas7bdat)."

  • Newer versions of the Salford product line do not require this update. This is only applicable to older releases of our software utilizing the older driver set.


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