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TreeNet at KDD Cup 2009

The 2009 KDDCup was another demonstration of the power of Salford's modeling tools. San Diego's IDAnalytics, using TreeNet, came in second place in the "fast" modeling challenge (see http://www.kddcup-orange.com/factsheet.php?id=58 for a brief description of their overall analysis strategy) competing against 4,732 competition entrants. The fast challenge presented modelers with several modeling tasks related to mobile phone customer behavior which had to be completed within five days. The three person IDAnalytics team came in with a score 0.5% below the 11-person IBM team.


The slow challenge also was the source of a TreeNet prize. Here Japan's Financial Engineering group, using a three person team of junior analysts, came in second place, less than one tenth of one percent below the number entry (see http://www.kddcup-orange.com/factsheet.php?id=23).


Since TreeNet was also a core tool in wins in 2008, 2007, 2006, 2004, and 2003 and, in a variety of other data mining competition, we think the case for evaluating TreeNet for you and your colleagues or clients is compelling.


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