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Dan Steinberg, CEO of Salford Systems, has initiated a blog principally devoted to technical matters pertaining to our core products CART, MARS, TreeNet, RandomForests, Generalized Path Seeker, and RULEFIT, among others. This new blog focuses on the fields of data mining, machine learning, predictive analytics, and business intelligence, but with a personal perspective. Entries here could well recount conversations with product developer Jerry Friedman, or some time ago with Leo Breiman, or could reflect his thoughts on the art and practice of advanced analytics and the development of new analytics methodology.


At Salford we are constantly talking to analysts and decision makers who are trying to solve challenging problems, which provides a perspective on the current and evolving role of our technology in the real world. I first started to communicate my perspective on data mining while writing our principal CART manual 1990-1993, and later in a series of 1-3 day courses I gave starting with an all-day seminar on CART in 1997 at the JSM (Joint Statistical Meetings) of the American Statistical Association. Since then, Salford has conducted detailed analytical projects for some of the world's largest corporations. During extensive conversations with our clients, we have exchanged many ideas and insights connected to analytics. I think now is a good time to be communicating some of what we have learned through this new blog.

Although I will be writing this blog I am often tempted to use "we" as the subject of many sentences because much of what I have learned, and how I see things, has been shaped by colleagues within Salford, by clients, and at times in lengthy debates with our Technical Advisors (Jerome Friedman, Richard Olshen, Charles Stone, and during his lifetime, Leo Breiman). The analytics landscape has evolved dramatically during the last 20 years in every aspect of its conduct and the opportunities for interesting discussion have expanded as a result. In any case, we welcome you to join us.


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