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CART on Windows Memory Matters (Part 1)

Every tree grown, and every sub tree was available for me to examine instantaneously. When I ran another model and wanted to drill down into the details I received a message that the "system was running low on resources" and I was advised to close some open windows. Naturally, I was not eager to start closing windows one-by-one, so what to do?

The answer is relatively simple, but since not everyone will be aware of it, I thought it worthwhile to include in this post. First, I visited the model results windows I was most interested in keeping and I clicked on "SAVE Grove" to be sure I could recall them later. (There were about 5 of these). Next I went to the Window Menu item in SPM and selected Window…Close All. Interestingly, this closes all windows except for the Classic Output window, meaning that the application remains running but with no graphical results available. With this action I freed up the resources that were being used by all those results windows. Then I re-opened the few saved groves I wanted to continue studying and continued my analysis.

This solution is not perfect in the sense that I may have fewer resources available than I would probably have from a fresh launch of the SPM application. But in general it should allow you to continue your current session for quite a few more runs.  By the way, I happen to be running a 32-bit Microsoft XP (SP3) with 4 GB of RAM available on my laptop, which is a very common platform even in 2012. But in the near future I plan to switch to a 64-bit OS and make at least 8 GB available to more than double my available resources.

Memory use, memory management, and planning for the analysis of large data sets will be discussed in future blog items.

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